Friday, 22 February 2013

Image inspired by a song

This is our first collective project for our blog. The brief was quite an open one, pick a song you like (or perhaps one you hate even) and create an image to go with it. There were no limits on size, shape, colour or medium, so you'll find all our images are quite different.

Have a listen to the songs we choose whilst looking at our images for the full experience.

Katy Duncan

'Swing Life Away' - Rise Against 








Emma Warrell

'What the water gave me' - Florence and the Machine


I'm a big fan of Florence, I really love the mood and lyrics of this song it seems dreamlike and peaceful yet dramatic, which is what I tried to create in my image. I also focused on the words "when I let the water take me" to create the water monster that's dragging her deeper into the water. 


Nathan Wozniak

'Higher' - Creed


Here's my image based off of the Creed song Higher which on top of being a song I really like is also one with some great imagery.

The main words and themes that influence this image are:
Another World.
Blind Men See.

Joe Becci

'Adagio Coda' - Brian Tyler



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